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Fatal Error during TMS artifact import in Target system

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Hello Team,

I am working on TMS configuration from Trial subaccount to another subaccount. When executing the process, the transport id is getting created and is reached till TMS, but while trying to import the transport from TMS getting error -

"Transport request 'TransportManagementCheck - Check TMS' (id: 199): Exception during start of deployment for deploy type 'SLP_CTS': Error during deployment initialization: Not Found"

Please refer the attached log for TMS - [tms-error-log.png] [tms-traget-node-settings.png]

Also, my source and target region are different. Is different region causing issue?

The Target destination connection is showing as successful with below URL set -<org-name>/it-<space-name>-rt/slp

---(org-name & space-name are removed due to security reasons)

Kindly guide if anything getting wrong/missed.

Thanks & Regards,

Himani Patil

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Himani Patil,

what seems a bit odd is that the destination URL you used for the successful connection check differs from the URL shown in the error log ('eu20' instead of 'eu20-001', 'cfapps' instead of 'cf'). Sometimes it takes a few minutes for changed destinations to get used in the deploy process. Maybe you could double-check on that.

Secondly you could double-check if there are some special characters in your URL which require escape encoding. But that should show in the destination connection check already...

To answer your initial question: cTMS is able to deploy across region boundaries.

Kind regards

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Hello harald.stevens

I created the request again, now the URL is same reflected, but still failed [tms-error-log-2.png]. As you suggested there are no special characters in URL and the URL is now synch with successful destination connection 200 ok.

Also, the user used in target destination has space developer roles.

Secondly, the destinations - 'TransportManagementService’ and ‘ContentAssemblyService’ these are giving connection check response as - "Response returned: "401: Unauthorized", whereas the Check Configuration in Integration Suite is returning - {"results":[{"status":"SUCCESS","description":"Configuration check for CloudIntegration"},{"status":"SUCCESS","description":"Configuration check for TransportManagementService"}]}. Is these correct response?

Is there anything missing?


Himani Patil

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