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Extraction method 'View' - Delta Fails

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We are using a business content data-source which has been enhanced for a Z-field.The full upload / init with data-transfer works fine. However, the delta method fails with a short dump in R/3. Details -

'One of the field names in the SELECT clause was not recognized.'

Upon investigation it appears that form "FETCH_GEN_DELTA" looks for the Z-field in the R/3-source table (as it is a view based extraction) which ends up with 'SAPSQL_INVALID_FIELDNAME' short-dump.

However, thre should be someway for the system to know that it is an add-on customer field which is filled in customer exit. system works it out in Init / Full loads, but for some reason not in Delta.

We have chkd that ALE change pointer is active and there are change docs created (BDCP).

Any ideas of where exactly the error is?



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Hi Ashu,

During enhancement you may add ZZ* fields. Does you field name begins with one Z?

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Thanks for coming back to me on this msg Eugene.

Well, I am having 2 such extractors that give the problem.

In one of the extract structures, the additional field is not a Z field, but in the other one, it is a field starting with ZZ (I did not get any warning msg in syntax check for namespace for 2nd one). I tried deleting the init delta queue and recreate it. But no help for either.

I was wondering how it gets the P_T_FIELDS in FETCH_GEN_DELTA. It should know and must not look for extended fields from the view on which extractor is based on.

Hope it would help us get to the problem through a process of elimination. What is your next thought on this?