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Extending Table Space

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We have a production business warehouse system (SAPPLB) and I was wondering about something regarding table space.

First off we have an issue cause the table space always is high so I have to always use BRTools to extend the table space. I usually check the space in BW and then I determine whether to extend table space or not.

I hate having to do this manually, isnt there something that allows for auto extending a table space rather than manually running brtools and extending tablespace? I am a SQL Server expert and new to SAP and Oracle and am just wondering if there is any "auto extend" capability with this.

In SQL Server I can specify that a database autoextend on its own without me having to extend the table space. Is this possible in Oracle / SAP.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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when you create a datafile, you can ask it to autoextend by itself. this can even be changed after datafile is already created.

check this command:

brspace -c -u / -f dfalter

choose option 3

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or you can activate AUTOEXTEND for an existing data file like that or with brtools.

<b><i>ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '<path_and_name>' AUTOEXTEND ON</i></b>;

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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do you have locally-managed tablespaces?

<b><i>select tablespace_name, contents, extent_management,

allocation_type, next_extent

from dba_tablespaces</i></b>

see please the SAP Note: 214995 - Oracle locally-managed tablespaces in the SAP environment

best regards