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Extended transport control (CTC = 1) and TMS Quality Assurance

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Hi all,

we are planning to switch to extended transport control enabling client-dependent transport routes (CTC = 1). We do this because we want to use retrofit automation in focused build.

We tested this in a sandbox system with a virtual transport target and this worked fine. All not released TRs are migrated to client specific automatically and all released can (need) be specified the client manually in the import queue of the target system. We can also quite easily switch back and forth between client-specific and cross-client. All good, isn't it?

That being said, in our maintenance landscape we are using TMS Quality Assurance with the following rough setup

DEV --c--> QAS (here we have TMS QA with STMS_QA release) --d--> PRE --d--> PRD

(--c--> = consolidating | --d--> = delivery)

Now we saw the note that states:

"If you are changing the transport routes and you are using Quality Assurance then you must first process all open transports in the QA worklist (STMS_QA)"

My questions:

  1. Did someone enable client-specific transport routes while using TMS QA? If so, did you clear your queue (which in my book would mean we bring all open transports to production)
  2. Are there any workarounds that prevent us from bringing all QAS transports to production before switching to client-specific transport routes? Could re-importing into QAS help us? Also Extended Transport Control says somehing like "Transport route configurations are activated on an "all or nothing" principle [...] You can, however, configure two separate system groups, only one of which uses extended transport control."

Many thanks and kind regards


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