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Extended attribute default value using template

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Hi all

Extended attribute is created for the entity meta class. Is not computed and has a list of values that is using a GTL template for list all Packages of that model. As default value it is needed to have a value of the parent package i create another GTL template and gave just one value hardcoded there (Customer). I selected checkbox Template and call the template like this %Code% lets assume that this is GTL template that i created.

When i create new entity i get in the Package (Subject Area) propertie for the entity %Code% as i didnt selected check box

Can somebody help me here please

thanks a lot

br boris

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Boris,

a) You define an attribute Package Code as String and you specify a default value. Enter the value, example CUSTOMER directly in the Default value field.

b) You indicate that the new attribute should be displayed on the General tab of the entity object

c) To generate a Package list dynamically enter this GTL code.

d) You can see the result. The default is CUSTOMER and you can see all others packages names

Note : I wish to inform you that you can move your entities under packages. So you'd be able to view the list of entities under each of the packages. I do not understand too the need for your request. Why do you want add a new fied to associate packages to entities?

Note : Your evaluation of my answer would be appreciated. Please mark the answer as "Helpful” or “Correct” if I answered to your question. Also If you consider that I have answered mark the discussion as “Answered,” so that other members can find the answer more easily. Before posting a new question members search SCN to see if it’s already been asked / answered. That’s the fastest way to get information.

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Hi Guys thanks a lot for trying to help me

Benoit you almost hit the spot

OK this is somekind of the business conceptional model that is in the form of logicla model

They divided their business in subject area's for which we use packges and the entities which they call business data structures need to be given to one subject area as a major container for this business concept but could be used in other as a short cut. They want to have that information saved as a property of that structure. So in the Customer subject area there is a Adress as a business concept and we have extended attribute name Subject Area.

If we create the new entity (business data structure) in some package (Subject area) by default it should be given that Package. After that business analyst can choose some other package to be his major from the list of all posible packages (subject areas)

a. created two GTL templates fist two give me the list of all packages (Subject areas)

the second is just a dummy GTL template to see if this work at all so the Customer is hard coded but it normal case it should get the parent package from the object that is created in that package.

b. create the extended attribute like this

Now if i create the new entity in customer package default values is acting as i didnt check the box GTL template for this default value

the list of value is ok there are all packages listed and i can chose one

thanks a lot for the help i am realy appreciate it

i hope i could explain now what is my trouble

first to get to use the GTL template as a default value.

If the question is already answered sorry for spaming but i didnt found the posibility to search the forum. Next time i will used it for sure

br boris

br boris

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