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Extend CR process beyond Activate.

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Hi Experts,

I'm trying to customize WS60800086 (workflow process base don BRFPlus) using the decision tables, for Material maintenance.

The objective is for Master data users to have a few follow up steps after activating a new Material. The follow up steps DO NOT involve any modifications to the Material data itself. The following up steps are to keep track of changes to the material data after syndication to ERP.

Other option is to trigger a a workflow on the ERP upon creation and we do not want to do that.

When I try to extend the 91:30 (activation flow) row entry, the workflow is in the status of "Final Check Approved". Even though I set.

It is like any configurations in the decision table does not have an effect after the Activate process.

Any thoughts on how this can be achieved?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (5)

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I would suggest that you create a new simple workflow which just has one task of type "User Decision" where the user just says "Yes/No" based on his/her checks of data on ERP systems. May be you can have a table parameter which shall create parallel user decision tasks for multiple users based on your scenario.

Once you create this workflow, use the Process Pattern "03"(Call Sub-Workflow") to call the subworkflow from within your Rule Based Workflow. The users should be able to use the UWL or Workflow Inbox to click on "Yes" or "No" buttons to complete the step. Once this step is completed, send the workflow to a step which has the process pattern as "99". The Rule Based Workflow does not end until you use the pattern "99" to end the workflow.

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by the way, it is common courtesy and a sign of professionalism to use proper names so we know who we are interacting with.

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you cannot do that. i wanted to do something similar in one of my projects. then i found out that status 5 is hard coded when you activate. so, you cannot set any other status. this  also means that you cannot add any dialog step after activation. the mdg framework will see it is activated and will remove any button. this will result in the work item being stuck and never being able to set the wf to completed.

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Hi Implementer,

As you are using the standard template  WS60800086 for your approval process. So, It is better to create your own template and perform the necessary actions as per your requirement as Editing the standard one is not advisable.

Please let me know your result through which you achieved this.




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Dear Implementer,

you have to add task in the back ground as well then it should work.

or you can create your own WF templet and decisiion table so that it suit to your req.