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Export parameter REALLY work in message mapping???????

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I wrote a java version transformation and it worked good with export parameter.

However I can not work it out in graphical message mapping. I refered

In PI7.1, I add an export parameter "EXPORT_PARA" in the "Signature" tab. Are there any special step to assign this parameter to an UDF? I did not find a way to do it.

And then I define an UDF,

public String SetExportPara(String sss, Container container) throws StreamTransformationException{

String str = "GOOD";

GlobalContainer gc = container.getGlobalContainer();

OutputParameters paras= gc.getOutputParameters();

if(paras.exists("EXPORT_PARA ") == true) {

paras.setString("EXPORT_PARA ", str);

}else {



return str;


And I assign this UDF to one element of my output XML, I tried to run it in IE, it always output "NOT FOUND EXPORT_PARA.


I searched the forum, no answer found.

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Answers (2)

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close this one, for I have another one for it.

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I hope you are referring to Parameterized mapping concept of SAP PI7.1

To have this in Message Mapping you dont need any UDF/ JAVA code!

Just follow this blog and you should be done: /people/jin.shin/blog/2008/02/14/sap-pi-71-mapping-enhancements-series-parameterized-message-mappings



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thanks. But I already read this blog before I post this question.

The blog did not talk details about EXPORT parameter.