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Export DATASOURCE failing

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I removed a IO from ODS, This ODS feeds a CUBE

The transport of ods/avtivation/transfer are successful along with the update rule for cube.

However the generate of EXPORT datasource for ODS [ from ODS to Cube]is failing with the message DUMP -

The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLRSAC" in"RSAR_TRANSTRUCTURE_ACTIVATE".

The comments in failed src code reads like

*if generated ODS InfoSource,

  • no PSA versioning possible

This is not allowing me to do an init of ODS!

When i do an INIT I get the followign message -

There is no PSA for InfoSource '8ZODS' and source system 'QUALITYSYS'

I tried the reimport ,now the reimport failed with a dump

Any suggestion and help is appreciated

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Answers (4)

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Hi Gopi,

RSSGPCLA is a t-code.

Please execute it and generate the programs mentioned in the note-518426.

Do let me know if u still face a problem.



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RSSGPCLA is used with no luck.

There is no data in ODS and its change log using SE16 but still the requests are shown on tehmanage tab!

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Is the system 'QUALITYSYS' a system copy??

If so , you have to generate some programs for the same.

Please do follow the note : 518426 .

Go to t-code RSSGPCLA and generate the required programs as mentioned in the note.

Hope this helps you...

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I have gone thru the SE38-RSSGPCLA/TRASACTALL but still my 8Zods datasource is not active and its PSA is not active.

When I do the init for the ODS its says 8zods has no PSA, so I try to generatre export datasource for ODS[which is inactive after trasport] i get a short dump as posted above.

The change log and theold request[active] are deleted for ODS, BUT the requests do not go away from ODS-manage screen!!

QUALITYSYS is a copy of PROD and is 3 months back, also we have done many changes to the ods and other datamart kind ods in this landscape after the syscopy.

Thanks fro all your replies.

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Execute in SE38 the report RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL.

Then, precise the name of the datasource (the name of the ODS or with a prefix 8).

And that should regenerate the structure


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Hi Gpoi,

We had this problem once...You will need to delete the change log of the ODS in yut target system, and then reimport the request. I think there is also an OSS note about this...need to check.

Hope this helps...

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Have you put the update type is "Noupdate" for the IO in the Update rules. and when ever our transfer structure chaanges for any data marts The we select Maintain Export data source. there you can see the removed IO is available or not check and Save that.

Thanks & regards,

Venkata Sharma.