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Exit from FPM application to non-FPM application

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Hi Experts,

In my custom project (ABAP Webdynpros), I have created homepage screen using non-FPM webdynpro application. When I click any link on homepage, Iu2019m calling 2nd screen (FPM application) using exit plugs and this is working fine.

In FPM application I have [EXIT] button. When I click [EXIT] button I want to call homepage in the same screen. How can I do this? Exit plugs are not working in FPM application.

There is a similar post I have seen in SDN, but it was not answered.

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You are right, it is a simillar post as you already mentioned. I am afraid there is not much beter answer available from me than already posted in that other thread.

I am not sure in 7.02 the navigation api's are expanded such a way that you can supply window as inplce or new.