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Excludeing tables from replication

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Dears, in sybase replication warm standby between 2 ASE databases, what happen when we set replication by sp_reptostandby

then excluding some tables ?

We periodically exeute a stored procedure by an application, this proc issues thousands of transaction against some tables, so we excluded those tables at the replication server by alter connection and use u2none, i2none, d2none, and after each execution for that proc on active database, we run it on standby database, but we think this solution is not optimal as we found those transactions arrive to rep server( we found them in stable queues) then it decides to not excute them on standby db , so how rep server deals with the transactions on exclude tables, and is there a better solution for this case?


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Answers (1)

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Did you try running sp_setreptable <tablename>, 'never' in the PDB? [See this answer to your previous question.]