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Exception SYSTEM_ERROR while print preview

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Dear Experts,

I'm getting the following error message when I printpreview the Adobe form

Test for function group /1BCDWB/SM00000006

Function module /1BCDWB/SM00000006


Runtime: 9,393,454 Microseconds


Message ID: FPRUNX Message number: 001


ADS: Request start time: Mon Mar 09 16:31:21 GMT+05:30(200101)

This is a peculiar error that this will create only when the first time we execute the form.

Afterwards when we print preview the same form the program will just hung and runs for hours without throwing any error message. This happends with all the adobe forms.

Thank you,


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We all know this error. Please check sap notes, and then forum if you still can't solve.

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Hello Sandra,

Even i have same error during print preview...I tried searching OSS and couldn't find anything.

Did you get to solve it? Please share with us.



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Do you know how to search OSS ? To search OSS for a given message number, concatenate message class and message number (and if you don't find add a space between the two ones)

For "FPRUNX001" I find :

- BC-SRV-FP 717568 FPRUNX001, 002 or 004 with output of PDF-based forms 19.04.2006 Help for error analysis

- PY-RU 1288500 HR-RU: ADS: XMLFM Exception-P(200101) message no.FPRUNX001 30.12.2008 Correction of Legal Function

- PA-PA-RU 1116407 ADS error by running adobe form with RU language 17.03.2009 External error

- PP-SFC 1143442 Shift report: Error "ADS: XMLFM Exception"

And the more appropriate is probably 717568 (BC = basis)

Please try again!

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Thanks for all your help.