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EWA Reporting

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Hello guys,

Perhaps someone can help me. We have different systems eg. P01,P02,..P05. and each system has a different manager. They all want every week for their system an EWA Report.

My question: Is this possible ( by email ) and how can i make it work?

I'm working with Solution Manager 3.2 for 4 weeks now.

Please help me..


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jansen,

Start the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.

If you are in the Solution Overview, choose a solution.

Choose Edit Send E-Mail Automatically. (BelowGlobalSettings)

To add an E-Mail address to send your reports automatically, choose Create E-Mail.

A dialog box appears.

Enter the required data.

This will definitly solve your problem.

Feel Free to revert back.


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Thanks for the answer, but i then have problem...i can't select one of the six different EWA's. With your solution all of my EWA's will be send to one email. What i want is one EWA sending to one email.

I can't choose which EWA i will send, i can only choose EWA's with or without graphics.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Meindert,

I am not sure whether I get the requirement correctly. But I assume that you want to selectively send EWA's for Different SID's to different email addresses.

There is an BADI added from SP9 onwards which enables us to email EWA's of different SID's to different Email addresses.

The IMG path for the same is as follows :

SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide >

SAP Solution Manager > Scenario Specific Settings > Operations

Sending Service Reports by Internet E-mail >

Email Filter > BADI EWA Email Filter.

and here is the IMG documentation :


This IMG activity assigns E-Mail addresses to system IDs, in the

maintenance view of the table DSWP_SYS_EMAIL. EarlyWatch Alert reports

are only sent to the E-Mail addresses which are assigned to the systems.


Assign E-Mail addresses to system IDs:

1. Choose New Entries.

2. Enter the following values:

Object ID

SAP system ID

E-Mail address

3. Save your engries.

Transaction SM30 table: DSWP_SYS_EMAIL

BAdI EWA E-Mail Filter


Use this BAdI to send reports automatically by e-mail in the Operations

Solution Manager.


Change the subject text of the e-mail

Filter function for e-mail addresses using criteria (system etc.)


You must first maintain the mapping table using the IMG activity "Map

Systems to E-Mail Addresses".

Default Settings

The inactive BAdI implementation (DSWP_EMAILFILTER) is supplied. You can

use this to filter e-mail addresses by system IDs.

Multiple usage is possible.

No filter is used.


The following activities must be performed if you want to use the

standard system version:

1. Maintain Customizing table (DSWP_SYS_EMAIL, see prerequisites).

2. Start the activity. The following dialog that appears shows you all

active and inactive BAdI implementations.

3. You can activate the implementation by selecting a row using the

matchstick icon (if the implementation is not already active).

If you want to use your own (customer-specific) function, you need to

create your own BAdI implementation.

To do so, proceed as follows:

4. Start the activity. The active and inactive BAdI implementations are

now displayed.

5. You can use the "Create Implementation" button to create your own


6. Assign a name to the enhancement implementation and enter a short

text. Confirm your entries and assign a package.

7. The system may display a message saying that the assigned package

does not have a switch. Confirm this by choosing "Yes".

8. Enter a name for the BAdI implementation and confirm this.

9. Expand the tree structure for the implementation and choose

"Implementing Class".

10. Enter a name for the class and then double click to access forwards

navigation. Assign a package here.

11. Now implement the interface method with your required function and

activate the class.



I hope that the above information helps if this is your requirement.


Amit Devale

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Hi Meindert,

I think there are two options:

1) Put different systems in different landscapes

2) Customize Service Sessions via Email

Option 1 is a bit an overkill and unpracticle if you have many systems so I would not recommend that.

Option 2 is a better solution and allows you to maintain one table (dswp_sys_email) in which you define the SID and the email address. This allows you to send different EWA's to different managers by email. You have to create a custom BAdl and this is perfectly explained in the documentation that can be downloaded from "/solutionmanager" under technical documentation or use the table name to do a query on

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You go to Solution_manager > SAP Technology> Administration --> Solution Graphic --> Select your System

Now go to edit and mail.

Hope this is helpful


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We are using SolMan 3.2 and i can't find "> SAP Technology> " Perhaps version 4.0??

If i do the same from "Solution Graphic" the system chooses all of my landscape e.g. P01, P02 .. P05.