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Ewa R/3 4.6c

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Hi Experts!!!!

In ewa of BI exists a chapter with this title "Transaction profile check", my question is if it is possible that in a ewa of R/3 4.6c can I see this chapter?

Other question, In the ewa of R/3 4.6c Ihaven't data of performance overview chapter, why can is it?

Thanks in advance!!!!


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Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Carlos,

There are basic EWA checks for ABAP systems and for Java systems, however for many products there are specific checks.

What you need to do to see if the check is for your system is open the EWA session in transaction DSA.

On the left hand side of the screen is the Session tree that lists all the checks.

If the check is not in the tree, then either 1) the check is not made or 2) The product has been defined incorrectly in SMSY.

If the product is defined correctly in SMSY, then there check is not in the tree, it is not made for that product.

If the check is in the tree, but not populated, then there may be some error in data collection or transfering to the service session. But the tree in the service session is the structure that can be populated. Branches are not missing, they are either populated or not. A different check based on a differentt product type will have a slightly different tree.

So this is an easy way to tell if a check should be performed or not and also if it is to be performed, but the data is not present.

See there is a difference between the data not being in a branch and the branch not being there.

Hope this helps.



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To complete my friend Paul's answer,

In case it's a SMSY problem, i would like to suggest you install the Landsacpe Verification, which is an addon of Solution Manager. With this tool, it checks all the inconsistency probs of your landscape in SMSY and you can correct it directly.

Hope it helps

Best regards

Jiamin Pan

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Thanks by all!!!

But the issue is not solved!!!! In SMSY the system is well create. And the ewa is well created but the performance overview chapter is empty.

any idea?? in the DSA transaction the tables are empty.

thanks in advance!!

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can you check the sap note

[Note 1332428 - Missing data in service sessions from BI/CCDB|]


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thanks by the request!!!!

This problem only happend with this system, because I have a other system that also it is 4.6c and in this system the data show it.

this system and the other are created similary...

any idea??

thanks in advance

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