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Event listener

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Hi friends,

In SAP do we have any thing like event listeners..for eample

1. when ever I create a notification in SAP a event should be created,

2. when i ever i create sales order anothe event should be created

Now there should be a generic listener for all these events...please suggest possibilities and approaches for this scenario.

We want to notify these events to a mobile device.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not sure about your requirement but in case of MAM scenario there are certain events captured in the R/3 system for the push enabled BAPI's. Like when an order/notification/equipment/functional location is created/changed then Business Transaction Events(BTE's) are triggered which in turn does something. As far as i know when a Save happens on a particular transaction the corresponding BTE will be triggered.

So if possible try to check from that end i.e, Server driven implementation of BAPI's in R/3 of MAM and it might help you.

Server driven implementation on middleware doc you can view here:

Similarly if possible check how it is implemented on R/3.

Best Regards,


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Thanks shiva,

I will think in these lines and let you know if i could solve my problem.

- Satish

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