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ES5 destination usage in SAP Build process automation

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Dear All,

I have been trying to follow this link:

In this link the first step is to create the destination in SAP BTP for ES5 system. I observed that the above link is bit older and some additional parameters are missed out.

So i referred to this link:

and created below destination.

If i check the connection at this point, it says this:

And then i referred to some earlier questions on SAP's portal and found that this message can be ignored and means that the connection is working properly.

After this, i tried to add this destination as an action, again referring to the same link:

And then in the Build process automation, action screen, I get following popup:

But if i click on SPA_ES5Destination, i get following error message.

Going further, i tried to check the network via developer options and found this:

May I get some inputs on how to resolve this error please. Thanks.

demir.burak : Any pointers 🙂

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

I am less familiar with destination setup for SAP Build Process Automation, but I know that for SAP Build Apps you must set up the destination URL to point to the OData service (not generally to the system).

So for example, I would set up for ES5 the following destination URL:

Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks daniel.wroblewski .. This worked perfectly! Really Appreciate your help. Also thanks to venkat_vyza for your help. 🙂

Just to close the thread, I will again mentioned the change I did.

I changed the URL in BTP destination configuration to

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi @acorel.yogeshsohanee,

As mentioned by Daniel, your BTP Destination should point to a specific OData Service.

The documentation you referred is also saying the same. Here I'm copying the relevant statement from the documentation:

"If you're consuming OData APIs in your Action project, then you need to establish a connection between the OData system and the SAP BTP subaccount using destination".

Thank you,

Venkat Vyza