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errors solman_setup initial configuration in StartSLD Configuration step

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Getting an authentication error when trying to sign into SAP netWeaver using the solman_admin account created in the first step of the initial configuration. I tried going back and creating another user and setting a new password but am still getting the same User authentication failed. I am able to sign in as the J2EE_ADMIN user id here and continue the configuration but get errors on step 66 of 137 Maintain SLD data supplier user. Error: Name or password is incorrect. I am able to click on in the error box the Step: Maintain SLD data supplier user which takes me into the J2EE Engine Useradministration. In here I do not see the solman_admin userid if I try to create it I get the error Current suer has user creation permissions in the UME, but cannot create users in the back-end system (data source). The original and possibly untranslated message was: "No active writeable datasource found for the user creation, check your Persistence Configuration."

I do find my SLD data supplier user SLDDSUSER but am not sure what to fix here for step 66 noted above.

Within Abap I am able to sign in as solman_admin successfully

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The answer provided by Garduño Azael, above is correct. I'm just completing the solution by adding the steps to change your UME destination to client 100 in this scenario, in case someone else runs into this issue:

1) Go to: http://solman_hostname:solman_port/useradmin

2) Logon as J2ee_admin

3) Click on Configuration on the top of the UserAdmin screen

4) Click on the Abap System tab

5) Click on Modify button, and change the UME source to client 100

6) Save


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Review the UME configuration in J2EE. After a fresh install of solman UME data source of J2EE is set to the ABAP stack, client 001.

Usually you perform the ABAP configuration before running solman_setup. In the ABAP configuration you set your working client, for example 100, then you log in to your client, 100 in this example, and run solman_setup. First task in initial configuration is to create the user SOLMAN_ADMIN, which gets created in the client you ran SOLMAN_SETUP, but UME still points to 001, then J2ee configuration in solman setup is looking for user SOLMAN_ADMIN in client 001.

please set the client in UME configuration datasource to your working client.


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check this [Prepare the AS ABAP System as UME Data Source |]


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Change the permission of the user SAPJSF to SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION from SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION_RO which is giving the writing access issue.

SAPJSF user acts as the bridging user between ABAP and JAVA stack. So it needs the write access to perform any java related activities.

Do not forget to generate the role SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION and user comparision.


Lijin Xavier

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What is the UME of your portal system ?

Create user in UME and assign portal roles in UME only like SAP_J2ee_Admin etc. then you will be able to login into the portal.



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As I said in my initial problem I cannot create the solman_admin in the UME. I access the UME via "" (J2EE Engine Useradministration)

What role or group do I need to give the J2ee_admin id to allow me to get around the error when clicking on create user in the UME

Current user has user creation permissions in the UME, but cannot create users in the back-end system (data source). The original and possibly untranslated message was: "No active writeable datasource found for user creation, check your Persistence Configuration.".

In ABAP I have given the j2ee_admin sap_all so I am assuming there is a role or group that j2ee_admin has to have in the UME?