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Errorhandling "Invalid extract structure template GLPCT of DataSource.."

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i need to extrakt to whole Table GLPCT. Business Content doesnt give me the right DataSource, so i try to generate a own generic DataSource. When i try to save, i get the Errormessage: Invalid extract structure template GLPCT of DataSource Z_ECPCA_GLPCT. I take a closer look at the Errormessage:


You tried to generate an extract structure with the template structure GLPCT. This operation failed, because the template structure quantity fields or currency fields, for example, field HSLVT refer to a different table."

Thats true. The currency fields refer to other Tables. for example HSLVT refer to T001-WAERS. Proposed Solution of SAP:


Use the template structure to create a view or DDIC structure that does not contain the inadmissable fields"

I generate a View. The View still works in ECC but when i´m trying to extract, same Errormessage.

So , i found a Note of SAP 335342 that tells me to make a append and fill the append through a extraktor.

So, my Questions:

Do i really have to make an append and fill the the currency fields through exit? Is this the generally Solution for bringing currency fields of a table with a referer to an other table into the DW? Handling the append and the exit isnt the problem but it seems to strange for such a simple request. How do you will solve this Problem? What will you do to bring GLPCT to DW. Has anybody expierence with this problem? Need same advice. Thanks.


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hi Rene,

did you mean that business content datasource like 0EC_PCA_1 not serve your requirement ?

in case that currency needed is not in the table, e.g company code currency, you can append structure-fill user exit or in BW you can use 0currency attribute of 0comp_code.

hope this helps.

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Hi Edwin,

thx for answer. 0EC_PCA_1 isn´t the right one, because there is built a total amount of all periods. i was checking the file in the psa. i really need a 1:1 copy of the GLPCT. sounds unreal, but my datamodel need.