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Error while starting iView

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While trying to start an iView which hosts a webdynpro application, I am getting an error. This is the new BS 5.8 installation. The error message says "An error occured while starting the iView. Application http://<servername>:<portnumber>/webdynpro/dispathcher/<our Application> will run with a wrong client window ID! Do not continue; please report this problem to your administrator."

Can someone help with this please?



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Answers (3)

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Hi Satyajit Chakra,

Check in the System and in JCO, if the client is correct.



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If the user is using link from favourites of browser, Ask him to delete it and manually enter the url and Try.

In my case, The user just deleted the saved link from Favorites and tried entering the url manually,

though it is weird it worked.

or else try these Notes 1450543, 1171930 .

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Any idea on how to resolve this? I am trying to get the EP to load in an IBM Websphere portal, but am getting this same error as the original poster. I am on EP7 SP13, and have applied the changes as outlined in the "How to Interoperate SAP Enterprise portal and IBM Websphere Portal Server" PDF document found on SDN on p. 12.








The server has been restarted. No change.

Any ideas?

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We are also facing with the same issue while opening the SAP ESS/MSS iView in SharePoint Portal (in an iFrame). Any ideas or resolutions from your end would be highly appreciated.


Vicky R.

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Its a known issue, please go through the note 1171930, a fix is provided in NW04s SP15 EPPSERVSP patch #2.


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Hi Satyajit,

Have you had any feedback on this or possibly resolved this yourself yet? We now have the same error when opening portal content (ESS) in an iFrame via IIS.