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Error while notifying the CAI chatbot from iRPA notifier - 401 UNAUTHORIZED


I have followed this blog for integrating my SAP Conversational AI chatbot with iRPA bot(but, I used Cloud Studio and Web application instead).

I am successfully able to call the iRPA bot and finish the bot execution, but I am not able to get any information back from the iRPA notifier.

This is the error received in Notifier logs.

Please verify Client ID, Client Secret or Authentication URL. Failed to fetch OAuth token: 'Error while requesting access token: Error requesting technical user token with grant_type 'client_credentials': Error retrieving JWT token. Server URI Status code 401. Response body {"error":"unauthorized","error_description":"Bad credentials"}'

I have tried adding "grant_type=client_credentials" at end of Auth URL. but still got the "401 UNAUTHORIZED" error.


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