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Error while installing SUP 2.0

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When I installed SUP 2.0 for first time it was not proper. So I

deleted(as I could not uninstall) the folder containing sybase files and

now I try to install again. But I get an error: 'The installer detects an existing installation of sybase messaging server. Uninstall it before proceeding with Sybase Unwired Platform installation.'

I removed the 'Sybase messaging service' using 'SC DELETE <service>'

and also stopped it. Also I removed the related components from

REGEDIT. Also restarted the system several times. Still it says

that the service is running. Please help.



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Answers (2)

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Hello Experts,

I also faced the same problem. So please suggest me how to solve it.

I uninstalled Sybase with all its services.

I am using 30 days trial version.

I didn't get any solutions related to this error.



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I also met the same problem. I resolved this issue by commet one register entry, whose key name is


You may try to search "Messaging Server" in regedit and find similar entry under u201CUninstallu201D folder. You can delete it or add "_" before "{842350D6-A3B6-4B06-AE3F-4EAC952E7E8C}"

Hope this can help you.

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Hi shalini.

I had the same problem. I fixed it with nexts steps:

- Reinstall only the sybase messaging server. You can find the setup in sup directory installation/ servers/ messaging server.

- After this, if you have the installatation in XP, go to control panel and remove programs and delete it.

-Once this, try to install again all SUP with a normal installation.


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I had the same issue. If the installation/uninstallation of Message Server does not work, check for the Message Server folder created in C drive under Sybase. This should solve the issue.