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Error while execution of CBTA Test Script from Tester Worklist

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Hi Experts,

I need your help in resolving this issue.

System information:

Solution Manager: SolMan 7.21 SP12

Managed system : ECC Quality System (ECC 6.0 EhP 7)

CBTA Addon in SolMan: ST-TST 3.0 SP04

CBTA Frontend: 3.0 SP05 (I have checked the compatibility matrix)


The CBTA test script recording and execution is working fine. When the CBTA Script is executed from Solar02 transaction code from assigned Test Configuration in Test Case tab or from Test Repository in Test Management workcenter, the script is executed correctly. Please note that the system role fetched is 'Quality Assurance System' in both the cases.

But when the same Test Configuration is assigned to the Test Package and executed from Tester Worklist, below error is found.

"System Role T is not valid'.

Here the system role fetched is not Quality Assurance System but it shows 'T' and script does not execute. I tried to modify from the drop down but ther e are no options available to do so.

I have checked the Logical component and the System assigned to Quality System role is correct.

I have also check the System data Container and the system role assigned is correct.

When I see the attributes of the Test plan, I can see 'Quality Assurance System' as the system role.

Request to help me in resolving this issue

Best Regards,

Kavita Meswani

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Can you check the system role type in LMDB, it should be defined as target system

Please try to change it with target systemand see if resolves your issue.

Also, Plesae check the note, although it seems to valid only till SP9.

1838566 - Script Execution - System Role is not defaulted



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Hi Rishav,

I checked the system roles in LMDB and it is target system for Quality Assurance system.

The suggested SAP note cannot be implemented since our SolMan version is 7.1 SP12.

Any other suggestion is most welcome !


Kavita Meswani