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Error while consuming S/4 On premise oData from ABAP on Cloud Environment

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Hello Team

I am trying to consume the oData from S/4 HANA on Premise system to ABAP Environment.

I can see the response in ABAP Environment checked via ABAP  cross track call but I am getting exception as well.


Below is the response 




Below exception is coming while executing the method lo_response = lo_request->execute( ).


  Exception : Error returned by virus scanner (Profile /IWBEP/CP/ODATA_DOWNLOAD) 





We have activated/deactivated the virus scan profile from backend but still system is raising this exception.. 

Below is the full code 

lo_client_proxy = /iwbep/cl_cp_factory_remote=>create_v2_remote_proxy(


is_proxy_model_key = VALUE #( repository_id = 'DEFAULT'

proxy_model_id = 'ZSCM_ZSEMERGENCY'

proxy_model_version = '0001' )

io_http_client = lo_http_client

iv_relative_service_root = '/sap/opu/odata/sap/ZCSOS_test_CDS/' ).


lo_request = lo_client_proxy->create_resource_for_entity_set'ZCSOS_test' )->create_request_for_read( ).

lo_request->set_top50 )->set_skip0 ).


" Execute the request and retrieve the business data

lo_response = lo_request->execute( ).

lo_response->get_business_data( IMPORTING et_business_data = lt_business_data ).

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Hello Team,

I just noticed that this exception is coming from ABAP Environment. I don't see any ABAP environment application where I can activate/deactivate the virus scan profile.