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Error while connecting the HANA data cloud data base with Hana Studio

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Hi Expect

I have registered for a 30 days free trail on sap hana data base and trying  to connect it with Hana studio .I am getting an error message as " Authorization error - failed to connect "

I have recheck the user id and password and it is correct .Please help !!!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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under Account name add 'trial' at the end.

e.g. Accountname: p12345678trial



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Thanks for the quick worked

One more question , when i was trying to created any view under content folder it say " Insufficient privilege"

Is there any way i can do some practice on view ( Attribute view,calculation view etc)

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unfortunately, you did not say what type of HANA you created in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit.

But if you selected "HANA (<shared>)", this is HANA for use as relational database only (in conjunction with Java applications) and cannot be used for XS development (or for creating calculation views, etc.).

If you want to do more, you should select "HANA MDC (<trial>)" instead.

Best regards,


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