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Error when installing SAP BODS 4.2 SP5

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Hi there,

I have been receiving an error below while installing SAP BODS 4.2 SP5.

i..e, The installer could not detect a running Data Services Administrator Service with the specified CMS connection Information, also no valid local SIA node was found.... ...

Please find attached screen shot...

For info: I am installing BODS on IPS server but CMS database schema is belongs to Oracle database and the DB service is installed on other server. I had no issues while istalling IPS 4.1 and I have given CMS schema details... Good thing is that, I am able to login to CMC wthout any issues and able to see Services..

Please can anybody help me ?


I am trying to install BODS on on Virtual server, Is that a problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Most BOBJ and Data Services environments are installed on virtual machines/servers so that isn't an issue.  Make sure you're entering the same system name, username and password you entered previously when you successfully logged into the IPS CMC.  You can find the system name in the login screen of the IPS CMC.



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I'm seeing the same problem.  Has anyone found a work-around for this problem?

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This issue was  because of rogue SIA node which I found in CMC. I have removed and then installed BODS without any issues..

Follow the below steps to remove rouge SIA node:

Select the orphaned node -> right-click -> Properties.
Copy the name of the orphaned node.
Open the Central Configuration Manager.
Create a new SIA.
For the 'Node Name' give it the exact spelling of the orphaned node.
SIA Port = 6410
Select the 'Recreate node' radio button -> Next (twice).
Select 'Start a new temporary CMS' -> Next.
New CMS Port = 6400.
Click 'Specify' and enter your CMS database login credentials.
Enter the ClusterKey information.
Complete the Wizard.
Do not start the new SIA.
Select the new SIA -> click Delete.

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