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Error on page Access is denied

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I created a URL iView to an application that runs on a computer in my internal network

and attached the iView to a page.

When I enter that page I get the application user&password to fill out.

After filling the user&password I get an error on page:

line: 113

char: 2

error: access is denied

url: http://colsms/nihulit_web/custom/login.asp

The strange thing is that if I open the IView in a new window (through the menu) I will not get this error and will be able to enter the application.

I am working on EP6 SP12.

For any suggestions ....


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nitsan,

I don't know the details of your problem, but in the end, it is more than probable that this is a JS-problem where some JS is referring to some iFrame (inner or outer) which does not come from the same domain.

If you have your asp application at hand, try to add some domain-relaxing code into the application and make sure that the portal and the application run within the same domain (for instance the portal under and the app under

Hope it helps


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