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Error message "No space left on device" during build of CAP application

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Hi mikkel.jensen,

can you please provide the solution for this issue:

   2024-01-04T08:27:26.21+0100 [STG/0] OUT service is not configured to run with Sealights
   2024-01-04T08:28:51.23+0100 [STG/0] ERR Failed to compress build artifacts:
   2024-01-04T08:28:51.23+0100 [STG/0] ERR gzip: stdout: No space left on device
   2024-01-04T08:28:51.23+0100 [STG/0] ERR /usr/bin/tar: /tmp/output-cache: Cannot write: Broken pipe
   2024-01-04T08:28:51.23+0100 [STG/0] ERR /usr/bin/tar: Child returned status 1
   2024-01-04T08:28:51.23+0100 [STG/0] ERR /usr/bin/tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
   2024-01-04T08:28:51.23+0100 [STG/0] ERR : exit status 2
   2024-01-04T08:28:51.23+0100 [STG/0] OUT Exit status 1

Best Regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi gregor.wolf,

Ofcourse i will, but first i'd like to share a few details about this issue.

As many might know, this error (one that looks like it) comes up when there is not enough disk space assigned to application. In this case it's a bit different, because it's happening during the build/staging and the reason for this error, is because it excedes the max size (1.5GB) during build. The actual application is no where near 1.5GB, but because of a caching issue in some NPM versions, the application excedes the max size.

To solve this, add following to applications environment variables.
npm_config_cache: .npmcache

Hope this can help someone else 🙂


Thanks to Radoslav Tomov for providing this solution in our Ticket.

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Had this four days ago, thanks much.

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