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Error installing SAP ECC6 EHP8 - DNS Problem

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I'm trying to install SAP ECC6 EHP8 with SAP ASE DB, but during the import and export phase, I receive the error:

An error occurred while processing option SAP Business Suite 7i 2016 > EHP8 for SAP ERP 6.0 ABAP > SAP ASE > Installation > Application Server ABAP > Standard System > Standard System (Last error reported by the step: Caught ::ESyException in module call: At line 228 file D:/depot/bc/753_REL/src/ins/SAPINST/impl/src/syslib/network/syxxcnwmgt.cpp Call stack: CThrThread.cpp: 83: CThrThread::threadFunction() CSiServiceSet.cpp: 63: CSiServiceSet::executeService() CSiStepExecute.cpp: 915: CSiStepExecute::execute() EJSController.cpp: 187: EJSControllerImpl::executeScript() JSExtension.hpp: 1136: CallFunctionBase::call() iaxxcnetwork.cpp: 129: iastring CIaOsNetworkConnect::callMemberFunction(iastring const& name, args_t const& args) iaxxcnetwork.cpp: 340: iastring CIaOsNetworkConnect::getDNSDomainName(args_t const& _args) iaxxbnetwork.cpp: 53: CIaOsNetwork::getDNSDomainName_impl() syxxcnwmgt.cpp: 144: iastring CSyNetworkMgtImpl::getDNSDomainName() const Unable to determine parameter "DNS domain name". DNS domain name is not configured in resolv.conf (UNIX) or the registry (Windows) and neither getaddrinfo nor gethostbyname could retrieve it. )



I'm installing everything on a windows server virtual machine (on virtualbox). I set a static IP and entered the DNS in the Windows hosts file. The cmd responds to me if I execute the command: ping machinename. What could it be ? Thank you

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