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Error in SAP Hana Graph Viewer when Visualizing Data

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Hello all,

I'm getting an error when visualizing my graph in Graph Viewer:

Failed to get taxonomy types (attributes statistics)

Backend warning: Response received, but wrong response type: Failed to get taxonomy types (attribute statistics)

At first, I thought it was based on the volume of edges, which it might, but I've scrubbed the data size down and still get the error. 

Any ideas? Any place I can look to see a more detailed error and figure this out?

Thank you!


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Answers (1)

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So for future reference for others trying to use the Graph Engine, the doc and HANA Academy videos state that you can use SQL views for the Edge and Vertex data.

Here's my finding, I was receiving an error that I tracked down in the xsengine logfile that indicated that there was an error in the workspace reading "from" the view name.  The view had a couple "where's" and other sub-select clauses and I suspect it was one of these causing the issue.

In the end, the workspace flexibility around views with things like unique keys and other items is lacking so unfortunately, duplicating the data to make it fit the restrictions of the workspace was the only way to get this to work. 

All in, my experience so far for SP12 with the graph viewer and "LARGE" amounts of data is lacking.  It's a bit buggy do beware.