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error exposing Apps to Workzone standard via Content fedenration from S4HANA On Premise

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Hi SAP Community,

I am facing an issue exposing some Apps (Mostly analytics) from S4HANA on Premise to Workzone Standard. This is happening with few apps only. Here important to note that I already activated all the relavant ICF / Odata services. Also the same apps are funtioning in Fiori Launchpad ( /n/ui2/flp).

Error Text: @5C\QError@ E HTTP Receive failed: IcmConnInitClientSSL: Proxy connection to https://host:443 via IP:8080 failed Business App D257F29xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I checked with infrastructure team, and the proxy IP is correct. also there are other apps (100+) and all of them are working fine.

Local Fiori launchpad

Workzone standard
Here App "Purchase order value ..... F1378 ) is not getting exposed.

any help / suggestions here?

Workzone - Standard with SAP IPS for content federation

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