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Error after import external webservice(RFC) wsdl url to Process Composer

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Hi all,

I try to use RFC webservice in my BPM as below:

1. Expose RFC as webservice using CAF (import external service RFC and then create application service use this external service)

2. Define Destination in NWA.

3. Create a Process Composer project, and import the external webservice(RFC) wsdl file as service interface in the project.

After importing, i get error : the port type specified for the ...binding is undefined. Check port type name and ensure it is defined.

If i import another external service, not RFC (such as business object), there is no error.

My system is NWCE 7.11

Thanks in advance,


Edited by: Sinh Nguyen Van on Jul 20, 2009 8:29 AM

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Answers (2)

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Hi Sinh,

When you import the WSDL , do you see a step where you can select the bindings ? Did you select the bindings here ?



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Hi Bharathwaj,

I didn't see any step to select the binding when import wsdl url to service interface. Just input wsdl url and then select (or create new) service group, that's all.



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I have the same problem and so I search for a solution in this forum.

Now I find this message from Sinh Nguyen Van but there is now solution for the problem in the postings.

Did anybody solved this problem?


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Hi Thomas,

This is solution from my friend.

You just goto source of the webservice file, select all and process Ctrl+X to cut, then Save, then Validate, then paste data into the file.

Try this,


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Can you share the wsdl file ?


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Hi Bharath,

Below is content of wsdl url and error message, thanks

Error message:

The 'zfm_rfc_caf_as' port type specified for the 'zfm_rfc_caf_asBinding' binding is undefined. Check the 'zfm_rfc_caf_as' port type name and ensure it is defined.

wsdl url :

- <definitions xmlns="" targetNamespace="" xmlns:b0="">

<import namespace="" location="http://sinhnv-lap:50000/zfm_rfc_caf_as/zfm_rfc_caf_asBeanImpl?wsdl=binding&mode=ws_policy" />

- <service name="zfm_rfc_caf_as">

- <port name="zfm_rfc_caf_asBindingPort" binding="b0:zfm_rfc_caf_asBinding">

<address xmlns="" location="http://sinhnv-lap:50000/zfm_rfc_caf_as/zfm_rfc_caf_asBeanImpl" />




Edited by: Sinh Nguyen Van on Jul 22, 2009 4:18 AM