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Error 2032 while connecting Xcelsius 2008 Sp3 with SAP NW 7.01 EHP1 SP 7.

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I have been trying to connect SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius 2008 Sp3(Client Machine) using BICS with SAP NW(Server Machine) but I am facing an Error for which details are as follows.

While creating a SAP NW BW connection in Xcelsius, when I select a BW query for import, after a successful BW connection, I recieve Error 2032.

I have tried checking the workflow with a network traffic monitoring tool called Fiddler and it shows that when i select a BW query, after the connection, Xcelsius looks for bicsremotecrossdomain.xml as a host instead of http:/<host>:8000/bicsremotecrossdomain.xml where <host> is our SAP NW Server. It is not looking for the host systems IP and Port and goes directly looking for the bicsremotecrossdomain.xml file which is actually located on http://<host>:8000/bicsremotecrossdomain.xml.We have SAP NW 7.01 EHP1 SPS 7 for for both Java and ABAP. Additionally I have SAP GUI 7.2 and flash 10.1 installed on the the client machine.

Any help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi All,

I have encountered the 2032 issue at multiple customer projects.

It is a "stubborn" issue that is quite difficult to pinpoint since the same error code is raised for a whole range of different root causes (missing crossdomain policies, inactive BICS webservice , correct HTTP server entries in Portal tables, firewall/port blocking, etc, etc)

Currently the endusers at a specific customer are encountering the issue in a seamingly "random"way: some users can execute the dashboard and some users cannot due to the 2032 issue, though if they execute the same dashboard on the test system instead of the production system the dashboard is running without issues. And sometimes the next day the users can access the dashboard without any issues (without restarting the SAP Portal in between).

So it seems that possible root causes like missing crossdomain policies, inactive BICS webservice , correct HTTP server entries in Portal tables, firewall/port blocking can be ruled out.

It looks more like a JAVA stack issue: at some times the JAVA stack can process the BICS request and sometimes it can not.

Maybe caused by JAVA memory settings?

Note: we have currently a very limited dashboard user group (only a few users) and a relatively simple dashboard (max 2 active BICS connections).

Does anybody recognize/have experience with this type of behaviour of the BICS 2032 issue?

Best regards,

Marc Nuijten

(note: we are running Xcelsius 2008 Sp4 with SAP NW 7.01 EHP1 SP 7)

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Please check SAP note 1484847. Make sure everything is configured as described in this note.



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Hi All

When I use SAP NetWeaver BW Connection to connect Xcelsius and BW Query, I get the same error <Error #2032>

Client machine:

- Xcelsius 2008 SP4

- SAP GUI 7.20

- Adobe Flash 10.3

- Windown 7 64bit

Server machine: SAP NW 7.01 EHP 1 SP8.

Another user using SAP GUI 7.10 is connect sucessful, but when I remove SAP GUI 7.20 and reinstall SAP GUI 7.10, the problem is not solved.

SAP note 1484847 not help me to solve the problem.

Please help me


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Who can help me please.

I designed Xcelsius by data in Excel, now, I want connect into SAPNW Query to load data and send to my customer.


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We had the similar issue and the error is inconsistent i.e. sometimes we get a few missing chart data with #2032 error and the number of missing data differs every time. I believe there is some optimal number of query connections that the system can handle beyond which you get the 2032 error. In order to resolve this, you need to consider optimization of the number of query connections where possible. Worst case scenario, if the number of connections is more than 10, it may be advisable to split the dashboards into smaller swf files. I have not seen any recommended number by SAP as far as the connections within a single dashboard/xlf file is concerned, but while talking to many customers who have implemented dashboards, have been able to resolve the issue by keeping the number of connections to less than 10.

Let me know if you need more information.



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Hi Anita,

Even for connections less than than 10 the error comes.I have 6 connection and was facing the same problem even with 4 connections.Was anyone able to find the solution to it? Do let us know.

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Hi all,

I have worked using this connection more than 8 months without any problem.

Intially I also had this #2032, This is very generic error.

Whenever there is a connection issue between Dashboard and System (we are trying to connect), this error will rise.

if the error raised while importing metadata of a query:

1. Check host file entries for Enterprise Portal.

2. Please check the configurations as mentioned in the SAP note 1484847,

3. Even though you have necessary configurations, if the problem persists, try bouncing back the Enterprise portal.

If the error raised while executing the query:

1. Check the connection between portal and BI System like Single sigon, minimum time for Connection time-out.