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ERP EHP8 on RHEL&HDB - TDMS shell creation

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I am running TDMS Shell Creation for an ERP EHP8/RHEL/HDB system. I am pretty familiar with what TDMS is supposed to do during the shell creation process. But in my case (Hana database) I have noticed the following issues:

- task Modify Table and Index size is marked as optional (!) - the documentation states that "Each table and index will have the same size as in the sender system unless a method is specifically selected... If no method is assigned to a table, then it will be created with the same size as in the source system."

When executing this task, received the message: "Database size could not be calculated for HANA DB" - which implies that the tables/indexes will be created having the same size as in the source system. Then maybe this task should not even be listed as optional for HDB but simply greyed out ?!

- task Modification of Control files which is supposed to modify the .TPL and the .STR files based on the content of the table CNVTDMS_13_EXCTB ends with the following log message: "XML files modification is not supported HDB database". This in fact results in .TPL and STR files not being modified, and therefore the shell creation is a normal full export ... which defeats the purpose.

Was anybody able to run TDMS Shell creation for an ERP ECC running on Hana DB ?? I am running the latest SPs for the DMIS, checked the OSS notes but nothing relevant.

Thank you,

Sorin Stancu

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