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ENQUE, DEQUE in Workflow

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Hi All,

There is a New Enhancement required where if I need to create a Work Item in PO and if the PO is in Edit mode by another user then i want a msg to be displayed stating that "The PO is Locked by User Username"


Satish P

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What are you asking? Can it be done - yes. How to do it? I would simply copy the SAP workflow and add the logic to the new one. But I'm sure there are other ways of doing it as well.

What should happen after the message? End workflow? Add an executable task to try to do xyz.

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I agree with Michelle.
When I started reading it, my mind got only multiple questions so as to put it in right way.
My assumption : A PO is created and with create event a workflow is running for approval process and mean while If any user tries to change the PO,then you want to throw/pop up a error message (Obviously so that you can stop user from changing the PO) saying 'The PO is locked by User Username(WF-Initiator)'
Let us know If this is what is expected or there is other version of the requirement which we are missing.

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Answers (2)

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This functionality comes by default. Can you please rephrase what exactly are you after?



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Is it possible to release the PO, if it is in edit mode? I think this funcionality already there. Please check .