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enhancement of infoobject

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Hi Gurus,

If i have to enhance a standard infoobject, for example 0MATERIAL so as to add 2 keyfigures as display attributes, what are the steps to follow ???

Thank you

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Hi Southi,

I would like to know one thing, attributes of the charecterstics are properties. Why do u want to add key figures. Any way, if you add any attributes then you need to take care how it is effecting to the existing Business Process. Add the 2 infoobjects in attributs Tab Page. Activate it. If it Display attribute then it won't effect any business process(You won't any where in cubes). Go with where used list.

Still i'm not clear why you want add key figures?



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you can add keyfigures as attributes of infoobject just like you add characteristics as attribute, transaction rsd1, entry 0material, 'maintain', go to tab 'attribute' (suppose you have created that 2 keyfigures), entry that 2 keyfigures, activate infoobject 0material.

Nagesh, i think it's normal to add key figures as attribute of master infoobject, e.g we need to report master material (0material as infoprovider), the report may require detail specs, say width length that may created as infoobject keyfigures.