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enhancement of 0FI_FM_2 data source

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Hi All,

It looks like 95% of the fields in 0FI_FM_2 data source are from FMIT table (Totals Table for Funds Management) . So I actually need to add one more field from FMIT table (<b>RVRGNG</b> -

CO business transaction) to the datasource.

Is it possible to do that by enhancing the data source in R/3 in RSA6?

If yes, please explain the step by step procedure to add this field to the data source....

Thanks in advance...

Points are assured...

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The problem is not enhancing the datasource. Is it possible that the field that you are planning to add will be changed once the record got created in the source system. The reason is that if the field will be changed you need to implement a logic in your enhancment to accommodate this change. Because, if you write a user exit, it won't pick up the change in the field once someone made some changes. If you are sure the field won't change.

then do this:

1. go to the extract structure of the data source.

2. Append the field.

3. Unhide the field you just added in the data source.

4. Check if the field is coming up in RSA3.

5. Add logic to fill the extract structure by looping through the data package.



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Thanks for the reply...

I am sure that this field never changes...

This is my first time to enhance a data source.. So can you please explain me in detail (step by step) how to enhance a data source....



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Can anyone help me with this?


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1. RSA2 -> display your datasource 0FI_FM_2

2. Double click extraction structure.

3. click "Append Structure..." to add the additional field into it and activate the append structure.

4. RSA6 -> find the datasource and edit. Scroll to your added field and uncheck the option "hide field".

5. CMOD -> enter the project(if you don't have then create one) and display.

6. Click "components"

7. Double click "EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001"

8. Double click "ZXRSAU01"

9.Now you can type your abap code to retrieve the data for the additional field.