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Enhance Datamart Extract Structure? Possible?

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Is it possible to Enhance the Datamart Extract structure and add new fields at the end and populate them with custom code?

This is related to one of my previous questions. I have to merge the data from 2 ODS's into one Cube where in addition to loading the data from the 2 ODS separately into the Cube, I have to load data from some of the columns of ODS2 in ODS1 lines and vice versa. As of now I am doing this using a update rule routine(SELECT SINGLE) for each of the required columns and am encountering performance issues. I am checking to see if the ODS extract structure can be enhanced and get all the columns of the other cube in one go.


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You can do it in the Start Routine, where you can write your ABAP code.

I have implemented this solution in our system very easily:

2 ODS's: ODS1H (Headers) ODS2L (Lines).

Load from ODS1H to a STAGING ODS - ODS_STG.

Then created the target ODS - ODS_FINAL (with extra fields (that will be extracted from ODS2L).

Load from ODS_STAGING to ODS_FINAL with a code in the Start Routine to extract lines per Header from ODS2L.

I hope this helps.