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End user login to CI server

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In R/3 landscape there are 4 Application servers and CI Cluster (2 separate servers) and DB Cluster (2 separate servers)

In one of the CI Server, Message server and Enrique server is running. (allocated virtual IPs for this MSG server & ENQ server)

(End user will connect to the message server)

So when a request comes to message server, it will direct the request to one of the Application servers.

So according to the setup, all the users should reside in the Application servers. End- users are not allowed to login to CI server.

Only BASIS admins can login to this.

But when checking using al08, time to time it shows few users are login to this CI server (erpcv)

How this happens, Is that a problem with the message server or any other issue !!!


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You need to configure your servers in logon groups (SMLG) and distribute the correct logon groups to the users.

My assumption, There may be few users have SAPGUI points to directly to CI.

We also have 4 apps and 1 CI/MS and DB as cluster, but have allowed users to logon to all the servers (4 apps + 1 CI) this is due to nothing is running on CI+MS and technically speaking waste of CI resources if you are not allowing users to logon and using system.

Don't worry SMLG (load balancing) will take care of distributing the load.

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Are there any roles / profiles which can control the login to the CI server


Is it purely decide based on the Logon groups, depending on the quality of the App. servers


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There is no role/auth for restricting this , only option is what Sunil has mentioned is LOAD BALANCING using smlg.