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End of maintenance of SAP HANA DB


Dear experts,

I hope you are doing well

We have a SAP HANA DB, version :2.0 SP04 rev46

This version is not maintained since JUNE 2021, is that mean it's not suported by SAP also?

I mean, if we'll have a error in the DB and even we'll create a ticket, SAP will not suuport us?

Thank you for your help

Best Regards


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Marouna,

SAP will certainly support you.

Normally, support comes with the license or service agreement. This is called mainstream maintenance support.

Currently, the only SAP HANA release covered by mainstream support is SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05.

Mainstream maintenance has ended for SPS 04 release in June 2021, as you mentioned. This means that corrections are no longer available. Should you contact SAP support because of an incident, you probably will be informed: "please upgrade to SPS 05 and inform us whether the issue has been solved or can be reproduced". If the issue is reproducible in the latest revision, then a resolution will be investigated at no charge as part of the licensing agreement.

If you cannot upgrade to SPS 05 on short term because of X,Y,Z, and you do need a fix ASAP because of A,B,C, then it might be conceivable that SAP engineering would assign some engineers on the issue under certain circumstances (for which you then will be charged). We cover the topic of revision and maintenance strategy in some detail in the article