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Enable delta for custom field

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I have created a custom field and append it to the structure of data source 2LIS_18_I0NOTIF. Whenever user did some change on the custom field only, delta will not pick it up. How could I make it delta enable?

I have search around but I could not get much information. I saw some nice articles which applied for sales document - How-to enhance LO-Cockpit DataSources with delta-relevant fields - SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse ... I am not sure if it could applied to 2LIS_18_I0NOTIF and I am not sure where the extraction logic for delta process could be implemented for my case.

Hope you could provide some input.

Thank you.

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In my opinion you should always try to add the missing fields in the communication structure in the Logistic Cockpit (t/code LBWE). From here you execute the subsequent steps. Appending custom (ZZ) fields to the extract structure and then using the SAPI enhancement or SAPI BAdI to supplement these fields during extraction will cause problems with delta processing.

Please also check out SAP Note 576886 - Change to user-defined fields not extracted.

It explains why it's crucial to enhance the communication structure in the right way and moreover it gives some information on how to proceed (under Solution).

SAP Note 576886 exactly describes why this approach won't work. It has to do with the delta mechanism using a "before image" and "after image". This will trigger a delta for all fields known at that point in time.

What you are trying to do is supplementing the custom fields at the time of extraction, i.e. after the delta has been pushed to the delta queue. This is too late. Here is the problem, the custom fields will never trigger a delta since they are not part of the communication structure.

The note suggests two solutions:

  1. Add the required fields to the the SD communication structures using the Append method and use the LIS customer exits to fill the field;
  2. Another way of adding user-defined fields to extract structures is to enhance the document tables, for example, VBAK, VBAP, VBEP, etc.

Although the SAP Note is written from an SD context, the concept and explanation are also applicable in your case.

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