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Embedding JavaScript rendered controls into a BSP page

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I want to add a JavaScript rendered grid control from the Ext JS framework into a tab of a BSP application.

It looks however that the layout management code behind BSP (it has to manage its tab container somehow)

interferes with the JavaScript of the Ext JS library.

My question is how to embed such a non-trivial JavaScript software into a BSP page without interfereing with the internals of the BSP rendering engine.

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Can you be more clear,what actually you want to?

Do you want to add a javascript code to the BSP Page or what exactly you want to?



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Hello thanks a lot for your interest in the problem!

Correct, we want to add non-trivial JavaScript to a BSP page, to provide the customer with a sophisticated user interface. (More details below)

They way it is done right now seems to trigger errors in the layout handling logic of the BSP application itself.

Thus our JavaScript code (and perhaps associated CSS) seems to interfere with BSP internal JavaScript code.

I am looking for a way to embed our JavaScript/CSS such that it does not disturb the internal JavaScript/CSS of the BSP framework.


Marc van Woerkom

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Now in more detail:

I am talking of adding a sophisticated grid control, which itself is implemented with the Ext JS JavaScript framework.

Here is a simple grid of that kind:


To give you an impression of the amount and complexity of the code, here is the user code which calls the Ext JS framework:


The present embedding is of the kind:

(code sample omitted, because the forum software dies with a post error if leave it)

This is included into a BSP tabcontrol tab.

In Firefox we see that the ext-grid is hidden by some BSP JavaScript logic which gets delivered with the final pages in the user's browser.

In Internet Explorer we see a bug:

file: sapUrMapi_ie6.js, line 4729, function sapUrMapi_PcTabSeq_draw, error: style.display is not an object (it tries to check the display attribute).

which stops execution and such has the lucky effect of not hiding the grid, so it display as intended from our part.

I have researched some examples on the net, where AJAX code was embedded into a BSP application and saw that this code is often structured differently, using documentHead, documentBody und content HTMLB Elements, but also sometimes puts the JavaScript just at the end like in the code fragment given above. Alas I lack a proper description and guidelines when to use what element and where to put what JavaScript (and CSS) into the various sections of a BSP htm file.


Marc van Woerkom