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Email Configuration Settings

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Hi I am trying to configure the email sending using sap.

I followed the steps to configure this

Later, try to send an email, and the email stays in Transit State

In the Overview or send orders, the email are displayed, with status Waiting, and error 751, the text says "message cannot currently be transferred to node STMP due to connection error"

My question is, I am trying to use our email service, the smtp server es or our client email server

Both smtp servers have a account with an password, in the guide I can not found where I could put the password. Why??

I think the problem is that, Could you help me?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The regular way to fix this is to use the SMTP relay agent... so the SMTP server trust the info coming from the SAP server so no username/password is needed. To do that just add the IP Address of the SAP Server to the Relay Agent of your SMTP Server.

A work around is to set parameter SMTPAUTH to 1 and then add parameter SMTPUSER with user in format "domain\user" and finally the password under parameter SMTPPASSWORD



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Thank you Juan

Best Wishes...

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