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Element Linking in WEBI Mobile - error message

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Hi all

I have created a WEBI report on top of Bex query with elements links : a pie chart with 2 dependencies (line chart and table). It works fine in Webi Rich Client

But with the mobile App, on IPAD, the element linking function does not work.

2 issues occur :

* when clicking on the filter next to pie chart, the app turns off immediately and I am out of it,

* when there is only the pie chart and line chart as dependency, when clicking on the filter next to pie chart, there is an error message " An internal server error occured while processing the client request (MOB00082)"

I think this is related to the BICS connection. No problem when report is based on top of Excel sheet for example.

BOBJ 4.0 SP5 Patch1

SAP BI Mobile 4.4.18

Thanks for your help

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Dear Alexandra,

I am facing same problem.

I create my WEBI dashboard using two query ( both of query come from one universe ).

The universe contain :

- Fiscal Year

- Posting Period

- Posting Date

- Business Area

- Amount.

In query 1 , I only take 2 dimension , which is :

- Posting Date

- Amount

In query 2 , I only take 3 dimension , which is :

- Posting Date

- Business Area

- Amount

I want to link between query 1 and query 2 query based on posting date.

For example user choose posting date 01.01.2014 in query 1 so query 2 will show data ( business area and amount ) only for posting date 01.01.2014.

It works well in WEBI Rich Client and in Launch Pad. But when I run it in SAP BI Mobile app in my android smartphone, the linking element doesn't work.

( I click one date in query 1, but data in query 2 not change).

Do you already find the solution?