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EDISeparator sender sporadic errors "Cannot deliver message [0] " for EDI X12 , on SAP PO 7.5

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We are on SAP PO 7.5 (SP22) using B2B add-on. Implemented new inbound EDI X12 850 integration using EDISeparator adapter .

30% of new inbound EDI X12 850 messages get System Error at EDISeparator channel. The messages get parsed by TPM and correct EDI Sender channel is found, Error in Message Log: “X12 message with message ID 8e1cf56b-799e-11ee-9b87-0000010383be has errors. The message shall not be disptached.”

EDI Separator Sender Channel shows error: “Cannot deliver message [0] Will deliver negative acknowledgment”

The error happens sporadically, 74 out of 108 messages went through successfully.

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