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EDIFACT FINSTA messages conversion to FINSTA IDOC

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I am a functional Treasury consultant and have found that on my current project a European bank is ready to provide EDIFACT FINSTA messages for Bank Statement reporting, rather than just flat files.

I have compared the messages to the SAP FINSTA IDOC and have seen how large a job it will be to convert from the EDIFACT messages to the IDOC.

I believe that people have worked on this before me and there must be some place that I can get information to help in the conversion.

I have spoken to an XI consultant here in North America who says that he knows of no place to obtain the information as he has never worked with EDIFACT.

Someone must be able to point me in the right direction either having knowledge of a location where I can obtain either a template for the conversion or documentation on how to do it.

I have not been able to find documentation that is anywhere complete. I am working in ECC 5.0 and I have seen in sample IDOC's that SAP's test programs RFEBKAT4 produces that, for example, there are many more Qualifiers than are described in the online documentation of the IDOC's.

Can anyone point me in a proper direction for further investigation.

Thanks - Ivor

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Answers (2)

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Thank you Oscar.

I suspect that you folks are at the same stage I am.

My email is

and another one which I use is

I have seen the documentation in SAP and the UN documentation. All in All the UN documentation is much better than SAP's documentation in that they at least mention what the codes are whereas SAP does not mention their "Qualifiers" which are the equivalent.

I will be happy to receive your PDF file, and communicate, via your email address, any successes which I have which may be of help to you.

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Hi, we have already worked with this IDOC but there is not enough documentation about it.

I send you some links that can help you.

This link contains more detailed documentation about the idoc but it is not of SAP, so there are some diferences

I have one more document in the PDF, post me your mail in order to send it.

This is all the documentation that we have and we have to tunning the fields making some test and seeing what happening in R/3.

Best Regards