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E-Recruitment - New requisition application

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Hi all,

I am abap developer and I have made a copy of the HRRCF_REQ_MNT application to do some enhancements on that.

I have the copy of the BSP application "HRRCF_REQ_MN" working very well, the configurations on the SPRO are fine, new context and new sequence, the controller classes are all copied and all are wonking very well fine like the standard.

I have followed the article "E-Recruitment: Adding Additional Tab to Requisition Maintenance", by the way very nice article, to add new fields and this worked fine.

My requiriment now is cancel the navigation between the tabs when the required fields are empty and show a message error saying to fill all required fields before leave the tab. Does anybody knows how to archive this requirement? When all is ok I have to save the date when the user is navigating between the tabs.

I tried implement some changes in the DO_HANDLE_DATA method of the controllers to add a message error to the context but I didn't reach success.

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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input fields created with tag <htmlb:InputField> can triger an error if not filled. You have to activate the attributed Required = True for that. Have you tried it ??

Tag <htmlb:tabStrip> has the attribute Selection, which is used to determine the active tab. Use it if you say you have created code in DO_HANDLE_DATA or in DO_HANDLE_EVENT.

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