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E-invoicing Romania Country subentity

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Hello dear community,

We are implementing E-invoicing for Romania with SAP DRC product.

During tests we remarked that SAP is not adding in the XML a mandatory this tag in the address of the invoicing company and customer address:


We ensured that the region is correctly filled in the BP and also in the company code address.

This causes an error in the ANAF system :
<report test="normalize-space(cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:PostalAddress/cac:Country/cbc:IdentificationCode) = 'RO' and not(normalize-space(cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:PostalAddress/cbc:CountrySubentity) = $ISO-3166-RO-CODES)"
>[BR-RO-110]-Daca Codul tarii Cumparatorului (BT-55) este RO, atunci Subdiviziunea tarii Cumparatorului (BT-54) trebuie sa fie codificata folosind lista de coduri ISO 3166-2:RO (ex. "RO-B" pentru Municipiul Bucuresti, "RO-AB" pentru judetul Alba...).
#If the Buyer's country Code (BT-55) is RO, then the Buyer's country subdivision (BT-54) must be coded using the ISO 3166-2: RO code list (ex. "RO-B" for Bucharest, "RO-AB" for Alba County...).</report>
Do you already faced that issue ?
How to fix it ?
Thank you.
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for the supplier there is the customizing  table in tcode N/AIF/vmap

namespace /EDORO

value mapping SUBENTITY_ISO_3166_2


For the customer, though, I don't think there is, in fact I think I'll need to open a case to SAP support.