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Dynamicaly setting view set as default

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Hi experts ,

i need help on how to set views default dynamicaly ,

In my case i have 3 views , but based on the user the default view will change EG : for manager first view is defalt view ,

for employee 2 view should be default .

how to handel views dynamicaly .?


chinnaiya P

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chinnaiya,

You could use the FPM and it's ability to have "variants". Which variant is displayed is controlled by the FPM controller class. So you could put your logic there to decide the variant. You could then configure the variants to use the different screens.

This would have the nice added benefit of having a similar look and feel to all the other new WD ABAP ESS/MSS apps.

Alternatively you could just have your default view having a view container in it - then dynamically swapping the window that should be embedded in it at runtime.

ButI like the FPM solution better!



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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The otherway could be:

If you can differentiate between Employee and Manager based on some parameter, you can play in Inbound plug of your default window.

Based on parameter, you can navigate(Fire out bound plug) to relevant Views..



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One way could be to create 3 different applications with each application containing different window as default window and then you can give the respective URL's to different roles.


Manas Dua