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Dynamic Population of DropDownByKey/Index

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I'm using Adaptive RFC model to get data from SAP and I've to create DropDownByKey/Index dynamically and populate it with the data. I've Model node with attributes in the Controller context bound to the DataModel and also model nodes/attributes in the view context bound to controller context. But the data doesnt seem to be populated.

The return from the RFC is just one internal table. Where exactly (in the code or otherwise) do i need to populate this dynamically created drop down unit?

Any links/code would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Rajit,

I have been creating DropDownByKey elements with dynamic values by following Example A under "Code Example of Key Binding" in the IDE help. I just use a loop on the internal table to populate the value set that's bound to the context node attribute with the desired key/value pairs.

Hope this helps.

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