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dynamic Componente Usage

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Hi folks,

theres a pretty complex issue we are facing.

The application should be able to show a certain amount of views, defined at runtime.

for example: you enter the application, enter a number and show as much components as stated.

Of course you would try it with component usages, but I haven't figured out how it is possible to use a dnyamic amount of component usages (I do not mean component usage instances, I mean usages as in "used web dynpro components").

The used components may be filled with instances generated at runtime, that's easy, but how can I define that I want to use n components of the same type.

I can also imagine to define lets say 30 component usages and show as much as I need, but thats horrible work...

would the alternative be dynamic layouting and context binding?

please no links



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I did something similar.

You can create a Web Dynpro Component Interface for your component.

The interface of your component (whisch is not the same!) must implement this.

Then, in your code, you can create as many instances of your component dynamically:

IWDComponentUsage comp1 = wdThis.wdGet);

etc. for comp2..n

Check out the API, there are other methods for creating the component from it´s usage.

Good luck, Roelof

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Stefan,

I'm not sure that what you are trying to do is possible. As far a I have figured out it is impossible to create a (dynamic) array of component usages.

I guess the only way to do this to create the component usages dynamically and use each component one after another.