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Dying Collaboration Rooms - extremly weird

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Hello everyone out there,

with our new test- and development-installation of netweaver we have since the beginning problems with the collaboration rooms, they are "dying away" and react very strange.

to document the behavior I deleted all rooms and make screenshots of nearly every action in the portal.

The fact is that somme rooms vanishes, only the context-menu-item is still visible in the room directory.

Our enviroment is:

J2EE 6.40 PatchLevel 92160.313


KnowledgeManagementCollaboration (NW04 SPS12 Patch 2)

Please have a look at with all the steps from alright to a not-working system, I believe the basic installation and setup is correct, I was the only working user on the system.

The odd thing begins with


For some minutes all looked great, see from

after some 'clicking' in the portal the first room is vanished again

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Hi Renke,

i strongly recommend SPS12 P3 or higher.

There have been issues with SPS12 P2.

Regards, Erwin

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Hello Erwin,

thank you for your tip.

At least the patch 3 for SP12 didn't change the situation - I will go on to update to SP13